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Thinkling is truly one of a kind! It’s a magazine to think and do for children 7+.

In every issue, Thinkling discusses new topics in nature, science, sport, literature, art, history and much, much more! There’s really something for everyone. If your tummy’s rumbling, we’ve got fun recipes; if you’ve got wanderlust, we’ve got walking and hiking trails; if you’re feeling sporty, we’ve got training tips; if you’re all of the above and a bit more, we’ll have something for that too!

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The Team
Aditi Menon-Broker
Loves to hyphenate everything – there is always another thought attached to the previous one! She loves playing with words, experimenting with tastes, and helping little things (with feet and roots) grow. She studied Psychology, Mass Communication and Cinema Studies, and her passion lies in combining words, images and ideas. Aditi always wanted to change the world – she still does, just one step at a time – will you come along for the journey?
Jyotsna Lakhamraju
Likes contradictory things. She loves the calm and peace she feels while admiring natural beauty, cozying up with a book or painting. She also loves the thrill of adventure sports, hiking and exploring new places and cultures. Always curious to learn more about practical things, Jyotsna also likes to ponder over philosophical questions like man's place in the universe. She is a sucker for mysteries that don't have a rational explanation. Jyotsna studied Electronics and Communication Engineering, has a Masters in Biomedical Engineering and works in Education. She strongly believes that only knowledge and exposure can help us grow as a person.
Upasana Saigal
Grew up in New Delhi and went on to study Art History and Aesthetics at MS University, Vadodara. After working for several years -- earning a post-graduate diploma in Advertising Management in between -- she took up courses in art, design and photography at Princeton University, an experience that expanded her visual world-view tenfold. Today, Upasana lives in Delhi with her husband, two children, and two very crazy dogs. More than anything, she still loves working with her hands to create something unique -- whether with her camera, with food, or with art and craft.
Rabani Garg
Lives in a world of dreams and likes spinning a yarn when she wakes up. She ran a library as a child, dreamt up a veterinary hospital, had 17 dogs for best friends, wanted to live in a run-down tank, aspired to be a mountain climber, studied economics and finance, and speaks five words in French. Finally she does all this (and more) through the stories that she tells! A storyteller, Rabani Garg works extensively with books, stories and children. She designs and conducts book reading and storytelling sessions at schools / libraries and runs Reading Caterpillar - a children's Library and reading program.
The Motivation for Thinkling
How, Mama? Why, Mama? When, Mama? We can't count the number of times we have tried to answer these kinds of questions from our children. Along the way during the process of exploration and of explanation, we have shared in our childrens' discovery and wonder. Many times we were stumped, completely floored by the vast nature of their questions - and we know we are not alone!

Since those early days, we have been looking for a magazine that would perfectly supplement our children's thirst for knowledge. We wanted something that would be safe for them to read on their own, that would challenge them and yet inspire them, and that could become a fundamental tool in their learning and growth. Something they wanted to read in bed, on the loo, on the bus, everywhere. Something they could really sink their teeth into.

Here is our attempt… Let us know what you think!
Sticky Situations
Thinkling Snapshot

Oooo, your friend Rohail has just got a phone! It’s shiny and new, and you want one too! Ever caught yourself saying or thinking this about phones, notebooks, special pencils or toys?

We’ve got some inputs on when to be part of the herd and when to step aside and do your own thing. Write to us and let us know what you think after you read this issue of Sticky Situations.

Thinkling Snapshot

Know something you can’t just eat one of? Chips, you say?! Well yes, that might be true, but we’re thinking of something a little healthier… Rice!

Find out how to make fried rice and rice balls in this issue of Spitfire, our cooking section. We’re talking seriously international here, people! Thai, Chinese, South Indian, Japanese, Italian, you name it, we (might) have got it. So save some rice from dinner and prepare to put on your chef’s hat – we’re going to put our hands to work in the kitchen!

Shared Soil
Thinkling Snapshot


We all know this familiar sound of one of our favorite animals on the planet. Our fabulous four-legged canine companions –dogs!

In our homes or in friends’ homes, our playmates and our soulmates, up close and cuddled or from a safe distance, dogs really are everywhere! Have you watched their pack behaviour on the roads? Watched how they walk, sniff, bark and wag? There is no denying the endless love and warmth they give in return for a well-maintained environment and when treated with love and respect.

Read this issue of Shared Soil for more on this compassionate, courageous canine and the greater good it has on humankind.

Whizz Bang Pop
Thinkling Snapshot

We spend a lot of time in Thinkling mulling and musing about how unique we think you are. How you’re the only one just like you – and that’s true, but thanks to your genes, you’re connected to a complex web of people in more ways than you might think. In this issue of Whizz, Bang, Pop!, we’re going into your body to study your blood. Meet one of the country’s top pathologists and find out what you’re made of!

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  • We primarily reach out to children aged 7-12 to empower them with the freedom to explore, question and understand our world. But, you know your child best, please subscribe if you think they would be interested.
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Submission Guidelines

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Submission Guidelines for Children's Contributions

Thinkling journal accepts written material, artwork and photography from children aged 7+. We only accept child-friendly, original creative work for a target audience of 7-12 year olds.

Submissions are always open for material in the following categories:

  • 1) Fictional written material – short stories (upto 1000 words), poems, letters, diary entries
  • 2) Non-fiction written material – articles, scientific journal entries as well as material specifically for any of our magazine sections.
  • 3) Jokes, riddles, tongue twisters, puzzles – anything to get you chuckling
  • 4) Original artwork, illustration, comic strips
  • 5) Original photographs, photo montage, photo collage
  • a. Written material should be submitted in a Microsoft Word document or plain text in an email.
  • b. Artwork (or a photo of it) should be submitted via email. Original artwork submitted to Thinkling cannot be returned to the sender.
  • c. All work should be marked with the child's name and age, and a meansof contacting the child through the parent (email is preferable).
  • d. All submissions need to be appropriate for children aged 7-12 and should not have appeared in print before (online is alright).
  • e. Materials should be sent by email to
  • f. Submission deadlines are as follows for the next issue is:
    For Spring-Summer 2014 by Feb 1, 2014
    For Monsoon 2014 by May 1, 2014
    For Autumn 2014 by August 1, 2014
    For Winter 2014 by October 1, 2014
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